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German VHF-UHF-SHF AmateurRadio Station
Claus Neie DL7QY, D-74594 Schwabenaecker 49, Kressberg ph: 0049 (0) 7951 7418 email:cneie@aol.com

wkd Tropo 2020 01.01. 23cm G4RQI IO93 940km,3cm RS 23.05. I6XCK  JN63QO 667km, IU4MES JO54QH 549km, 12.06 F6DKW JN18CS 562km, 13.06 OZ7Z JO44VW 642km, DK2ZF/p JO43WJ 470km, OZ1LPR JO44UW 642km, IK2OFO JN45FB 475km, 26.06 F5FEN JN25JC 608km, F5DQK JN18GR559km, HB9DUK JN46DX 218km, F6DQZ JN19DE 572km, 27.06. SP6GWB JO80JG 493km, IK3HAR JN55RK 427km, 10.07 I4UJB JN64CF 514km, 3cm Tropo 08.011 SP6GWB JO80JG 595km

Tropo Condx Mirowave Index (Southern Germany)

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